rym hayouni
master scenography

Learning process documentation

My itinerary through the Workshops,
SHARE AND THINK experiments


Touchdesigner + sensors (Kinekt In-depth Camera /
Arduino ultrasonic sensor)

In progress..

Experimenting with the making of concrete mixed with
other materials (moss, metal powder and debris)

Experimenting with metal workshop
facilities (welding, grinding, cutting...)

biolab exploration of growing moss tree
and making biomaterials

Basic elertronics with wires and signals,
plus practicing soldering

MPDL around Mixed Reality. I started working on projection mapping on theatre props I found in the space,
but ended up creating a soundscape from my field recordings that you experience blindfolded.

MPDL week around Interactive Performances. 
For the first two days I created a ground line of copper and an areal line of clothes, both of which, when touched with hands and feet, activate music tracks so that you can be a DJ performer.
As for my duo with Vera, we created an areal line that you have to cross with a ring in order to follow the video as it plays. When the ring touches the line, the video loops and lights up.
unless you get help from a spectator who facilitates the course by caressing the hand tracks on the wall.

The first video shows my work in progress with Ran, creating a figurative, caricatural white gaze in response to the Spafrica performance, which deals with the theme of 'white tears'.
The second shows an experiment for the Think class around the concept of porosity in performance making.

MPDL around Model Making
My model is inspired by the Linear City Space as the Backbone 
of the public space in contemporary cities