rym hayouni
master scenography


Performance experimentation in progress using
Metal / Concrete / Chains / Moss tree
Field recordings, women’s voices from Tunisia   (Fatma Felhi) and prose written by me

New trajectories are traced, allowing voices and grooves to emerge.   
The patterns are constantly changing and taking new shapes, revealing a conversation and an encounter between our position, the path we follow, and the way the space responds to our experience. These elements are interconnected and influence each other.   
I view space as a composition, a multiplicity of relationships and experiences. By altering the trajectory, new stories emerge. When we collectively break away from this striation, we are collectively writing a new narrative.
This is my understanding of Heterotopia: it is the reappropriation of space through its codes and signs, which allows for the creation of multiple spaces with different regimes of temporality. 
Chains as lines of striation but also as lines of flights that enable the reconfiguring of the striation.
Chains as bridges connecting the political dimension of the space with personal stories that are often contained within it - A narrative in a perpetual reinvention
I am exploring the contrasting qualities of space. On one side, it feels striated and not smooth, but on the other side, it offers the potential for constant transformation. This is the core of its quality, as it comes alive through the experience of the spectators.